Flannel Shirts, Doc Martens, and… ColourPop


I graduated high school in 1997.  I remember wearing baby doll T-shirt dresses, Birkenstocks, cut-off jeans, midriff tops with flannel shirts, and an imitation pair of Doc Martens.  I only wore those boots a few times, though, because my cowboy boots were much more comfortable.  I remember the platform canvas shoes with the plaid schoolgirl skirts, too.  It was the original Britney Spears look – much closer to her Mouseketeer days and way before she shaved her head.

I remember everyone listening to the CD that had the naked baby swimming in a pool towards money (Nirvana) and something called “Dookie.”  I was disturbed by both – my Mama raised me on Elvis, Conway Twitty, Sawyer Brown, and Alabama.  I never did really get into “grunge music”, although I do appreciate a few bands and songs from that time and they always take me back when I hear them.

The TV show “Friends” was very popular, then, except I’ll admit I’m late to the game on most things and never even watched it until after it was actually not being filmed anymore.  Then I loved it.  Still do, but I don’t allow my kids to watch most of the episodes because the humor and situations are too mature for them.  It’s nothing risqué in comparison to most shows now, though.

When I saw cosmetics brand ColourPop had come out with a whole collection of shades that are throwbacks to the 90’s, I knew I would be purchasing some.  For those that don’t own any ColourPop, you are missing out.  It is an online brand with items that are excellent quality with a fantastic price point.  The eyeshadows and blush feel like like liquid silk, although they are not liquid.  They are the most amazing shadows I have ever tried.  ColourPop recommends you put them on with your fingers, and this very much weirded me out at first because I like my brushes.  Once I got them, though, I understood why.  They go on so smoothly and blend very well.  I also am in love with the Lippie Stix.  They smell lightly like vanilla or cake to me – which I adore.  I’m all about anything that smells like dessert!

With names like Central Perk, Plaid, Grunge, and Cruel Intentions, I said, “Get in my cart!”  I also ordered the shadow Lovely and Lippie Stix Lumiere from their regular stock because I was loving swatches I had seen of those.  I’ll show you all the rest of my little ColourPop collection another time.  For $5 each shadow, $5 each Lippie Stix, and $6 for the blush – they are affordable enough to get what you want.  Each product is $8 or under.  They also have very popular Ultra Matte lip colors, lip liners, and gorgeous highlighters.  From the top, the colors are Plaid, Central Perk (eyes), Cruel Intentions (cheeks), Lovely (eyes), Grunge, and Lumiere (lips.)  If you browse ColourPop.com, you will see the rest of the 90’s Collection and plenty more.  They have matte, metallic, and glittery shades in the shadows. ColourPop has not paid me anything to write this post, I just genuinely love their products.  You can receive $5 off your first purchase by using code “THANKSBABE” which is like getting a free product.  I will warn that a couple of their product names are a bit edgy and words we don’t use in our house, but only a couple that I saw.  They are cruelty free and made in the USA.


You may wonder why I am writing a blog post about makeup.  Simply put, I am coming out of a very long period of the blues.  One thing that I’ve found that makes me feel more confident and happy is putting on some fun makeup and making my hair look presentable instead of staying in pajamas and hiding from the world.  I say “making my hair look presentable” instead of “doing my hair” because my hair is kind of crazy and has a personality of its own.  Currently it is halfway down my back, and I literally had a “wild hair” a while back to have a wild ombré color done, so it is partly magenta.  Naturally curly hair is an adventure, anyway, might as well have some fun!  Maybe I will show more about my crazy hair another time.

It may sound old fashioned, but if I put on my makeup, I feel much more beautiful and happy. I don’t feel ugly without it, in fact, I didn’t wear any for about 8 years while I was trying to just cope with dealing with life, raising babies (one of which is medically fragile and has special needs), and learning to trust God and put one foot in front of the other.  My Mama always told me a lady should at least put on mascara and lipstick before leaving the house, but I was too overwhelmed with everything else to always follow her advice. I understand now it is more about how it makes you feel – she wanted me to be the confident person she knew that lived inside me somewhere. My husband loves me with or without makeup – he’s always told me and showed me he thinks I’m lovely.  With the health issues we have helped each other through, he has seen me at my worst and treated me like I was Miss America anyway.  It’s sweet though that when I do take more care with my appearance, he notices and compliments me.  I feel like makeup is a fun indulgence, and a tool in my arsenal of building up my own self-esteem.

Let me know if you try ColourPop and what you think of it.


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